Natural First Aid & Illness Kit

Despite our greatest makes an attempt to measure a healthy and poisonous substance free life, there ar times once malady or injury strike. In a number of these cases (like trauma) typical medical treatment is actually guaranteed and I’m actually grateful that medical treatment is on the market if required.

But what regarding the days once the malady or injury isn't life threatening, however simply uncomfortable or limiting? whereas our 1st instinct (especially as parents) could also be to urge medication to mediate symptoms, there ar usually natural remedies that don’t interfere with the body’s own immune responses and which may facilitate ease uncomfortable symptoms.

Many of those natural remedies can even be employed in the comfort of your house, instead of having to require yourself or your unwell or lac kid to a doctor and expose them (and  others) to additional malady.

The following may be a list of what's in my “First Aid Kit” and may be a combination of remedies I’ve tested myself, ones steered by a naturopathic doctor, and ones that I hope to ne'er need! Please note that i'm not a doctor and don’t play one on the net, thus this list is for informational functions solely and isn't meant to be used as a replacement once medical attention is needed!

Herbs in My attention Kit

Note: Since these ar simply loose herbs, they are doing take preparation in some cases, however shopping for them here may be a more cost-effective various to capsules or pre-made remedies. I in person get most of my herbs this fashion and build my very own tinctures and salves.

Activated Charcoal: For acute use in sickness, enteric malady, vomiting, diarrhea, consumption of poisons, etc. conjointly keep the native poison management variety handy just in case a toddler ingests a ototoxic substance and instantly take a toddler to the hospital if he/she has enveloped A battery or magnet!

Arnica– Topical creme used for muscle pain or injury, bruises or any style of trauma. We’ve found that it greatly reduced healing time or bruises and sore muscles once used locally right once injury. Not for internal use or use on open cuts.

Cayenne Powder– tho' this can be an honest addition to several foods, it's even higher to own in an exceedingly medicine chest. I keep a number of cayenne capsules in my purse similarly. Topically, cayenne powder helps stop haemorrhage apace. I’ve browse cases of it being taken internally throughout heart attacks to extend blood flow and facilitate clear blockage, tho' fortunately, I’ve ne'er had to check this one. it's conjointly a helpful remedy to require internally throughout malady because it will increase blood flow and speeds recovery.

Chamomile– i take advantage of it to create a calming tincture that helps calm children if they're unwell or simply have hassle sleeping. The tincture conjointly works wonders on growing gums. The dried flowers can even be created into a poultice with some gauze and placed on an eye fixed for quarter-hour each hour to reverse inflammation apace (usually works in an exceedingly few hours). Brewed as a tea, herbaceous plant may be a restful drink at nighttime and therefore the tea are often cooled and rubbed on the abdomen of flatulent infants to assist truthfulness them. I generally add some brewed herbaceous plant tea to the kid’s bathtub because it is nice for the skin and promotes relaxation. I keep the tincture in my purse in any respect times.

Comfrey-An external herb that promotes healing from injuries and broken bones. A poultice created with plantain and comfrey that's placed on a wound will greatly cut back the healing time and facilitate forestall and reverse infection. I build a homespun “Neosporin” with this and alternative herbs and use it on bug bites, cuts, bruises and poison common ivy. it's best to stay the dried herb handy for poultices and homespun salves.

Eucalyptus Herb and Essential Oil– I persevere hand for metabolism kind issues. we tend to use eucalyptus herb in an exceedingly face steam for congestion or sinus troubles and that i build a light (and fossil fuel free) version of Vapo-Rub for coughing and respiratory disorder. The oil are often diluted with copra oil or oil and be applied outwardly to the feet and chest to assist open nasal passageways.

Ginger Capsules– Ginger is nice for nausea, reflux, abdomen hassle and nausea. I conjointly keep some within the automobile for nausea. It helps truthfulness the abdomen once a biological process malady or sickness.

Echinacea– I keep a homespun genus Echinacea tincture handy for severe diseases. I don’t use it as a primary resort, however it's useful in prolonged diseases.

Peppermint Herb and Essential Oil– Another nice biological process herb. For indigestion or biological process malady, the herb is created into a tea. The tincture are often used internally or outwardly for headache or biological process troubles and once mix with a number of alternative biological process herbs, it makes a extremely effective biological process aid and nausea remedy. The oil applied behind the ears and on the feet facilitates alleviate headache or nausea and a weak tea made up of the herb and rubbed on the skin will help truthfulness a flatulent baby. we tend to conjointly use the oil in our homespun dentifrice.

Plantain–Good to own the loose herb handy. It really grows in most places within the summer and appears just like the image at the proper. You’ve in all probability force it as a weed while not knowing it. it's a natural remedy for poison common ivy, cuts, scrapes and bites. In a pinch, I’ve picked some from the bottom, chewed and place it on a bee sting… it instantly alleviated the pain. I keep the dried herb handy in any respect times to create into a poultice for bites, stings, cuts and infection. My most up-to-date use was on a confirmed brown recluse bite and a mix of plantain and comfrey in an exceedingly poultice unbroken the bite from eroding the tissue and helped it heal utterly.

Slippery Elm-Helpful for sore or irritated throat or after you lose your voice. These lozenges style nice and ar useful for teenagers with sore throats. The herb itself are often employed in tinctures or teas for raw throat relief.

Other Remedies:

Apple vinegar– I keep a bottle of organic Apple drink Vinegar with “the mother” handy for biological process troubles, upset stomach, sickness and additional. Taken in an exceedingly dose of one teaspoon per eight ounces of water each hour, it helps shorten the length of any style of malady, tho' it's robust to urge children to require it volitionally.

Vitamin C– useful for all diseases, however particularly flu-related diseases. I keep the powder handy as a result of it's additive free and might be mixed into food or drinks to urge the children to consume it.

Aloe Vera Plant-We have one growing within the house for burns and blisters.

Epsom Salt-Good as a shower soak for sore muscles. Dissolved in water, it can even be an honest soak to assist take away splinters.

Hydrogen Peroxide-I keep many bottles on hands in any respect times. Besides victimization in my homespun OxyClean and for cleansing out wounds, it will facilitate forestall ear infection and shorten length of respiratory disorder. At the primary sign of ear infection or malady a pipette packed with peroxide are often place within the ear. The person then leaves the peroxide certain  quarter-hour or till it stops effervescent and repeats on the opposite facet.

Homemade antibacterial (recipe here)-  I build my very own “Neosporin” Healing Salve (no fossil fuel needed). I keep it in little tins and in lip chap containers for on-the-go size. This “boo-boo lotion” as my children decision it, is employed on cuts, bruises, rashes and the rest antibiotic ointment may be used on.

Witch Hazel– I keep a gallon handy to be used on cuts, scrapes, and in cosmetic uses. It makes a good skin toner and is nice for postnatal bottom 🙂

Gelatin– I take gelatin often for its health advantages, however I conjointly keep it handy for attention and malady. The natural gelatin in homespun {chicken thusup|soup} (from the bones and tissue) is one in every of the items that produces it so nutrient throughout malady. throughout any style of malady, the afflicted gets gelatin in varied ways: in food, homespun hydrocolloid, smoothies, in hot tea, etc. once surgeries or once there particularly dangerous cuts which may scar, I conjointly provide gelatin to hurry skin healing. there's proof that it's conjointly effective in rising clotting once used outwardly on a wound, tho' I actually have not tested this.

Baking Soda-Also an honest remedy to stay handy. For severe pyrosis or urinary track infections, 1/4 tsp are often taken internally to assist alleviate quickly. It can even be created into a poultice and used on sider bites.

Probiotics-These ar the strongest probiotics I’ve found and that we use them throughout any malady and once the malady to repair gut bacterium. I’ve seen shoppers improve skin conditions with regular use of probiotics, and that i particularly advocate them to pregnant mothers, as newborn babies receive their gut bacterium from their mother and can|this could|this may} build an amazing distinction in if baby will get ear infections or malady within the 1st months. for kids United Nations agency get constant malady and ear infections, probiotics can even very facilitate.

Coconut Oil– I’ve aforesaid it before, however i'm to copra oil because the papa in My huge Fat Greek Wedding is to Windex. From skin salve, to diaper creme, to makeup remover, to antifungal treatment, i take advantage of copra oil for everything. I keep some within the attention kit to feature remedies to to require internally, to use to use tinctures and facilitate absorption outwardly and for dry skin and unsmooth lips. there's conjointly growing proof that daily consumption of 1/4 cup or additional of copra oil will facilitate defend against Alzheimer’s and nourish the thyroid.

Other Supplies:

–Butterfly Bandages

Superglue– On minor to moderate skin cuts (not puncture wounds) use superglue and butterfly bandages. I’ve used this rather than stitches many times and it cured quicker and left less scarring than the places I’ve had stitches. particularly sensible for face and alternative visible areas that scar simply or in hair wherever alternative bandages are often troublesome to use. I’ve conjointly use on fingertips or knuckles (I’m disreputable for grating knuckles whereas cooking) or alternative places wherever band aids won’t keep well.

Strips of sterilized fabric textile in plastic luggage for wrapping wounds.

Cut off wool sleeves from recent sweaters to hide bandages and hold ice packs

Hot water bottle

Enema kit

Bulb syringe and NoseFrida for serving to with congestion in youngsters

Assorted bandages and gauze

Homemade ice pack (just freeze liquid dish soap or lotion in {an exceedingly|in a very} double-bagged- ziplock bag and use as an ice pack.

Do you use any natural remedies for malady or 1st aid? Share your tips below!

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