Creating your natural pharmacy isn’t as tough as you may suppose. These home remedy recipes square measure keepers for your arsenal! we have a tendency to definitely board AN age wherever medicine of every kind line the shelves of our native pharmacies. however most of those square measure faraway from natural and embody ingredients few folks square measure accustomed to. however there was a time once we knew recipes for healing; herbs from our gardens, tinctures we have a tendency to create from our pantries and syrups wherever honey is that the base.  A natural pharmacy doesn’t would like dyes and additional sweeteners or chemicals; it leans on the terribly things God gave United States of America here on earth.

“If we have a tendency to doctors threw all our medicines into the ocean, it'd be that far better for our patients
and that abundant worse for the fishes.” Supreme Court Justice Joseph Oliver Wendell Holmes, MD

When it involves my natural pharmacy the 2 biggest tools I’ve relied on square measure herbs and essential oils. I’ve instructed myself plenty, and a few was instructed to Pine Tree State. i take advantage of these wonderful, top quality non-mlm oils. And have begun additional serious seasoning studies with the seasoning Academy.

Today for YOUR natural pharmacy I’d prefer to introduce to you one amongst of} the primary remedies i used to be every instructed to create. My Cammy (grandmother) created this Honey & Onion Cough sweetening frequently and it had been for all varieties of medicative functions, not simply a cough. I’ve created additions over the years to seek out the direction i favor most; and that’s what I bring you nowadays. to boot my different natural pharmacy enthusiasts have allowed Pine Tree State to share a number of their recipes moreover.

Do your analysis, notice what works for you and your family. bear in mind that raw honey mustn't incline to youngsters underneath the age of two.

 making Your Natural Pharmacy In Your Home
Honey, Garlic & Onion sweetening making Your Natural Pharmacy Round-Up. Home remedy recipes you need! |

As {i Pine Tree Statentioned|i discussed} my grandma instructed me a way to create this. it had been not her original direction however; actually I’ve seen the good Rosemary Gladstar create a version herself.

Ingredientsnatural-pharmacy two

  • 2 cups of organic raw honey – I sometimes obtain mine from a neighborhood sodbuster however nowadays I used a bargainer Joe’s complete (ok during a pinch)
  • 1 medium organic onion, roughly cut (please use organic for healing recipes, particularly – even higher to use home grown!)
  • 3 – four cloves of organic garlic, smashed (take outer paper off and used one thing significant to simply smash it down)
  • Clean jar with lid


  1. Put your roughly cut onions and smashed garlic within the jarnatural-pharmacy three
  2. Pour your honey over that
  3. Put the lid on and leave this at temperature eight – twelve hours, to permit the mixture to steep
  4. I don't cook mine although I actually have seen others slowly simmer similar syrups to melt the onion and garlic
  5. Strain out your onion and garlic (optional)
  6. Store in your icebox for up to a month

To Use

Use as got to quiet coughs, soothes throats and boost immunity. however take care to not over be intimate. Honey includes a heap of natural sugar!

Dip a spoon in to the jar to urge a number of the sweetening. you'll be able to additionally increase seasoning teas. Enjoy!

Why these ingredients you ask? 

Onions, raw honey and garlic square measure antimicrobial (they kill microorganisms or inhibits their growth).  Garlic could be a powerful antibiotic. Honey additionally naturally relaxes cough and coats/soothes the throat.

Additions to think about

Oregano – quite presumably the foremost powerful natural antibiotic on earth. you'll be able to and one – two tablespoons of contemporary cut oregano or place a drop of oregano volatile oil on your sweetening once you scoop some on your spoon.

Ginger – kick up the immune boost with some grated ginger. additionally antimicrobial, inhibitor, and identified to kill viruses.

“The one who takes drugs should recover double,
once from the sickness and once from the drugs.” ~William Osler, MD

Ready for additional home remedies for your natural pharmacy?

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I hope these recipes and tips assist you build your home remedies and natural pharmacy on your homestead. i like to recommend reading everything you'll be able to get your hand on regarding natural health, seasoning remedies, tinctures and also the like. Education is key!


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